Adventures with the air fryer…

In August, the oven in our temporary accomodation broke.  So what better opportunity to order a new gadget, that thanks to the wonders of a certain online supplier, could be with us within a day or two.  I had looked at air fryers before but deemed it unnecessary, but now without an oven, it suddenly … Continue reading

I love a kitchen gadget…

I have a few kitchen gadgets, I love them, they make my life easier, or just more delicious, but either way, they are worth their weight in gold.  I was very excited when we moved to our new house recently because there is a utility room… with a laundry chute!  This is very exciting in … Continue reading

Raising ducks…

One of the big things we will miss from London, is my son’s school.  This summer I was invited into school to run a science project with year one and what better than raising ducklings from eggs!  I borrowed the incubator from my previous school and purchased fertilised duck eggs.   In our first session, … Continue reading

Take every opportunity…

When we started our first foreign posting in Kyiv in 2010, someone advised me to “say yes to every opportunity” and I have tried to live by that, barring a few exceptions: 1. bungee jumping in New Zealand, not that bungee jumping would be a bad idea, it just isn’t for me 2. going up … Continue reading

2 years on… an update

Blimey, it’s been 2 years almost to the day since I last posted, quite a lot has happened since then and since I decided that I really should start blogging again, I probably should start by telling you what has happened to us since summer 2014 (if you are a friend of mine, you will … Continue reading

Exciting post just arrived!

Sorry it has been so long since my last post, we have been very busy, but I have lots to share with you, first of all, I just had to tell you about an exciting delivery that just came through my door… On Monday, I was browsing the jewellery maker website and spotted item number … Continue reading

Buttons and stars: a tutorial

This is the second time I have started this, thanks wordpress app! Anyhow, based on the last tutorial, it seems you like them, I am basing that on having been asked by two different organisations in two different countries, about using my tutorials for things… So here is another. What will we be making… This. … Continue reading

Macarons in the making!

When we lived in Kyiv, there were two very smart cafés that sold macarons in every flavour under the sun. They were so pretty and perfectly shaped, and delicious. Like many things in Ukraine, they were sold by weight (yes including ice cream, cake…) so I couldn’t tell you how much a macaron actually costs, … Continue reading